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1. Contents are available in OFFLINE mode, as Splitted SKUs. These contains MAIN IITJEE & IITJEE ADVANCE Syllabus of Exam year2024 as well as ADVANCED IITJEE. Once you download any Contents from the CART in your laptop/PC, by purchasing it ; the format will show as (ZIP file.rar). Unzip it by WINRAR. The present license is valid till 31st DEC of the 2024 .
2. All the SKUs have a Digital Library : More than 1 Content is provided for ONE Chapter …so that you can Study A Chapter / lesson by choosing a variety of Contents for a topic, in interactive Multimedia & VIDEO formats. Beside the Complete Syllabus Subject Wise, there are Exercises And Reference Materials on Chapters. Video Lessons along with Interactive Multimedia Contents of the same Lessons (200+). Like a Digital Interactive +Video Library.

3. In SKU_137_IIT-JEE_Ver3_Maths(WINDOWS)-2024 ,there are many VIDEO Lessons .
In SKU_138_IIT-JEE_Ver3.0_PHYSICS(WINDOWS)-2024,there are VIDEO Lessons .
In SKU_ 139_IIT-JEE_Ver3.0_CHEMISTRY(WINDOWS)-2024,there are many VIDEO Lessons.
& in SKU_140_IIT-JEE_Ver3.0_PRACTICALS(CHEM&PHY)-2024,there are VIDEOS on Practical and experiments.
I all there are 300+ Video lessons & Virtual Practicals/Experiments.
4. Students can study and have a good grasp of concepts/explanations from various animations/videos. Besides simulations & interactive materials on various subjects and their topics, while preparing for the Competitive Examination. We have included the much needed Practicals of Biology, Physics and Chemistry for 11th,12th ,in IITJEE 2024 & NEET 2024. We have the Full Course materials in VIDEOs & Interactive Chapters along with Solved Question Banks from 2012 to 2022 along with Practicals and latest syllabus for the year 2023 & 2024 .
5. Interactive Multimedia Contents 2 D &3D animations, graphics, voice-overs, streaming audio & video, stimulated experiments,
6.Interactive Multimedia Contents-Lesson wise and Term Wise are (250+)
7.Each Interactive Multimedia Lessons have (75+ Virtual Lab Interactivities) – Virtual Lab, wherein complex concepts and experiments in chemistry and physics are explained through simulated experiments that mimic real life tests in a laboratory showing Experimental Verifications of Laws and Concepts.
8. Each Interactive Multimedia lessons have Solved (50+Solved Numericals X 250 Chapters)
9. Each Interactive Multimedia Lessons also have (200+Un solved Numericals)
10. Each Interactive Multimedia Lessons also have Hard Spots of Learning
11. Each Video Contents/ Interactive Multimedia Lessons of the same chapter have a number of VIDEO VIRTUAL LAB –EXPERIMENTS for better understanding
12. Quick Revision of 11th Class Topics: In-Depth Study of 12th Class Topics: Problem Solving
13. Virtual Lab experiments are (250+200 VIDEOs and INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA Lessons available in 12th class CBSE Science)
14. Questions with Solutions are available more than (16000+)
15. MCQs with answers for PHYSICS,CHEMISTRY,BIOLOGY,MATHEMATICS are available more than (5000+)
16. short answer type questions (4000+)
17. Numericals solved and unsolved (2000+)
18.Sample Tests, Mock Tests, Model test Papers are all available with solutions
19.Previous 12 years solved Papers are available
20 .You can prepare in the comfort of your home : Our Off-line contents saves you the time from browsing multiple books : Saves time and energy which will be spent on commuting.


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